Guestbook entries, page 11

Roger A. Mc Gill

Dave, Great job you did on your WEB site. Really liked the way you put together your story from the begining to the end. Brought back many memories and at times thought I was reading my own story. Served with the 3/4 Cav at Cu Chi, 65-66. God Bless and WELCOME HOME

Nice page!


I very much commend you in your service in Nam and in how far you have come after. I thank you for serving our country, and creating a web page that everyone can learn from, you truly are a wonderful person! With much Regards!

Bernie Davies

Very, very nice page. I was the artillery that had to get up from decent sleep and shoot the fire missions you called in. Thanks a lot! Glad I found your page.

David Ryan

You have an awsome home page

luke ijames

thanks for fighting

Dick Sansoni

Reading your website brings back memories from 33years ago. Ft. Sill, Hawaii,Thailand,Laos and Cambodia. US Army 63-65. 25th Division A Battery 2nd Battalion.

Harry Gunning

eerved with 191st Assulh Helicopter Co. (Bounty Hunters). By some dumb mistake theylet me come back 30 days early on a six mo. exr. Probably the worse mistake I ever made in my life. The very best to you in all future endevers! Harry H. Guning III Tucson AZ.

Jim Chancellor
Nice site – I added a link to you from my website under Veteran’s Personal Web Pages! Enjoyed your “frog” story! lol

Roy Stanford
Dave……Extraordinary job! I really enjoyed your Vietnam picture gallery. You’ve really put a lot of work into your site and it shows!